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Dongdong Li

I am an associate professor at National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) , Changsha, where I work on deep learning and computer vision, etc. Before that, I pursued my Master and PhD's degrees at ATR lab, College of Electronic Science and Technology, National University of Defense Technology. I did my bachelor at school of geodesy and geomatics, Wuhan University. During my PhD, I did my research as a joint doctoral student under supervision of Fatih Porikli at CECS, Australian National University. Email:


  • 07/2022, We organize a special issue on "multi-sensor fusion for target detection and tracking" on MDPI Sensors.
  • 07/2022, We organize a special issue on "ground object detection tracking and localization for drones" on MDPI Drone.
  • 07/2022, 1 paper submitted to ICAUS2022.
  • 06/2022, 1 paper submitted to PRCV2022.
  • 06/2022, 1 paper submitted to CICAI2022.
  • 12/2021, I am a recipient of the Young Elite Scientist Sponsorship Program by the China Association for Science and Technology (中国科协青年人才托举工程).
  • 09/2021, 入选国防科技大学第二批创新人才培养计划“卓越青年人才培养对象”.
  • 09/2021, 荣获中国航空学会信息融合分会首届“优秀青年学者”荣誉称号.
  • 07/2021, I am nominated with honor to serve as an Young Associate Editor for Aero Weaponry.
  • 07/2021, I was a postdoctoral fellow and worked with Qifeng Yu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • Recent Projects

    Now and in the future few years, I will be working on the computer vision techniques (detection, tracking, multi-view geometry and SLAM) and especially their applications on drones.

  • Single Object Tracking
  • I have been working on SOT since 2015. The initial purpose is to develop algorithms to capture a given object in a whole video given its initial bounding box at the first frame. Nowadays, I am turing from RGB tracking to multi-modal fused tracking, e.g. RGBT tracking.

  • Oriented Object Detection and Multiple Object Tracking
  • I am working on oriented object detection and multiple object tracking in aerial videos. The prupose is to design AI models and employ them on drone equepped onboard computers.


  • 09/2021, I teach a course "Image analysis and understanding" for postgraduates at NUDT.
  • Research

    I'm interested in devleoping air-to-ground Sensing algorithms for drones (e.g. classification, detection, tracking, localization and mapping).

    Conference Papers:

    1. Robust visual tracking via collaborative and reinforced convolutional feature learning
      Dongdong Li, Yangliu Kuai, Gongjian Wen, Li Liu
      CVPR Workshop 2019 | paper

    2. A Rigorous Solution for Closed-form Correlation Filter Tracking
      Dongdong Li, Gongjian Wen, Yangliu Kuai
      ICPR 2018 | paper

    Journal Papers:

    1. When Correlation Filters Meet Siamese Networks for Real-Time Complementary Tracking
      Dongdong Li, Fatih Porikli, Gongjian Wen, Yangliu Kuai
      IEEE TCSVT 2019 | paper

    2. Robust visual tracking with channel attention and focal loss
      Dongdong Li, Gongjian Wen, Yangliu Kuai, Lingxiao Zhu, Fatih Porikli
      Neurocomputing 2020 | paper

    3. Beyond feature integration: a coarse-to-fine framework for cascade correlation tracking
      Dongdong Li, Gongjian Wen, Yangliu Kuai, Fatih Porikli
      Machine Vision and Application 2019 | paper

    4. End-to-end Feature Integration for Correlation Filter Tracking with Channel Attention
      Dongdong Li, Gongjian Wen, Yangliu Kuai, Fatih Porikli
      IEEE SPL 2018 |paper

    5. LCO:Lightweight Convolution Operators for Fast Tracking
      Dongdong Li, Gongjian Wen, Yangliu Kuai, Bingwei Hui
      Image and Vision Computing 2018 | paper

    6. Cross-ratio Invariant Based Line Scan Camera Geometric Calibration With Static Linear Data
      Dongdong Li, Gongjian Wen, Bingwei Hui, Shaohua Qiu, Wenfei Wang
      Optics and Lasers in Engineering 2014 | paper


  • Young Associate Editor of Aero Weaponry.

  • Guest Editor of MDPI Sensors and MDPI Drone.

  • Journal Reviewers of IEEE T-PAMI, IEEE T-IP, IEEE T-MM, etc.

  • Awards

  • 2021, Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Hunan Province

  • 2017, Excellent Master Dissertation of Hunan Province

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